The safety of each artist is of the utmost importance. Please keep these safety tips in mind when plein air painting. 

  1. Tell someone where you plan to paint. 
  2. If possible, go in pairs or with a group.  
  3. Bring the proper supplies - bug spray, sunscreen, maps, water, first aid kit, cell phone, etc. 
  4. Be mindful of the weather.
  5. Prepare to leave where you are set up with time to spare before it gets dark. 


Artists are to set up only in public-designated spaces. It is recommended to set up in green spaces instead of sidewalks. In instances where artists are set up on sidewalks, a 48-inch clearance is required to ensure compliance with with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Set Up

City of St.Augustine

Plein air painting is not allowed in the Plaza de la Constitución and surrounding sidewalks as well as St. George Street, Hypolita Street and parts of Treasury Street, Cuna Street, Fort Alley and Tolomato Lane in downtown St. Augustine per city ordinances. These areas are shown in gold on the locations and maps page. 

Castillo de San Marcos & Fort Matanzas

Plein air painting is not permitted inside the Castillo de San Marcos or Fort Matanzas. Plein Air painting is also not permitted at Fort Matanzas itself due to the remote location and the need to have National Park Service staff present at all times with visitors. Artists can obtain a ticket for a regularly scheduled visit to Fort Matanzas to take photos or otherwise be inspired by the fort itself.  

Artwork Sale

Please note that the sale of artwork is not allowed at the locations outlined on this website.  

If an artist would like to paint at a location not designated on the website, it is suggested to contact the property owner for approval before setting up. 

Private Property

Header Photo Source: State Archives of Florida